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250,000 picNiche Ratings & Other Amazing Facts

November 27, 2010

Just a quick post for some numerical highlights 🙂

The picNiche stock photo ideas rating engine has now reached 250,000… yes… a quarter million searches since it launched in June 2008. To facebook, msn, or even any of the major microstock agencies this may not seem like a lot, but for a site which started as something quickly thrown together to help analyse my portfolio, and shared with others just for fun, I’m really quite proud of how well it’s going 🙂

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The Big Guide to Improve Microstock Workflow

October 31, 2010

A few times a week I receive questions from microstock photographers who have discovered the picNiche toolbar, wondering about how they can make the whole microstock process better. As an experienced computer user (and coder) there are a lot of things I often take for granted about ‘the microstock workflow’, which others sometimes miss or choose to avoid due to the perceived complexity of moving to a new tool or method….

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Researching “What to shoot for stock?”

October 2, 2009

I spend quite a bit of time researching what to shoot for stock, although I’m busy at the moment mostly coding picNiche and other projects, I’m slowly increasing the amount of stock photography I produce.

One of the primary goals in building picNiche is to identify areas where there is currently a shortage of supply in microstock imagery, so I can focus on producing work to fill those gaps, increasing the ROI for my time….

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202 Challenging Subjects when Shooting for Stock

August 13, 2009

When shooting stock photography, particularly for microstock, the perception often is that there exists an endless choice of subjects just waiting to be captured, and sold, Yes, for real money!

“But wait…” I hear anybody who has been selling stock for a while scream, “you can’t just shoot anything and expect to rake in the cash.”…

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