The Big Guide to Improve Microstock Workflow

A few times a week I receive questions from microstock photographers who have discovered the picNiche toolbar, wondering about how they can make the whole microstock process better. As an experienced computer user (and coder) there are a lot of things I often take for granted about ‘the microstock workflow’, which others sometimes miss or choose to avoid due to the perceived complexity of moving to a new tool or method….

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6 Responses to “The Big Guide to Improve Microstock Workflow”

  1. Microstock Posts Says:

    Wow! Great blog Bob. I think you covered all the bases. I will try and put a link to this post on my own blog at some point. Very useful.

  2. Tyler Olson - MicrostockGroup Says:

    Great post bobbigmac. There is a ton of great info here. I’ll be linking to this in the future!

  3. bobobuha Says:

    i breakdown some agencies that paid in different currencies, and tax or no tax. Since US currency is getting weak.

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    […] berichtet der Picniche Macher Bobbimac in seinem Artikel “The Big Guide to improve Microstock Workflow”. Er arbeitet ausserdem gerade an einer Alternative zu iSyndica die in wenigen Wochen live gehen […]

  5. Thom Gourley Says:

    Lots of substantial information in this very thoughtful post. Well done!

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    […] Artikel 2 von 2 von Luis. Zur guter Letzt dann der Artikel von Robert mit dem Thema: “The Bug Guide to improve Microstock Workflow“. Robert hat ausserdem für unsere Leser 100 Credits für seinen neuen Dienst: PicWorkFlow […]

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