Shafted by latest iStock changes? What Now?

The latest round of changes at iStock represent a loss for most contributors there. Both for Exclusive and Non-Exclusive contributors….

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8 Responses to “Shafted by latest iStock changes? What Now?”

  1. Luis Santos Says:

    Hi Bob, how are you?.. What do you think exclusives will do if this new IS royalty changes continues.. ?? Joining all other agencies?? It is just crazy what IS is doing.. There isn’t a contributor happy I guess 😛

    • bobbigmac Says:

      I’m sure the biggest sellers at iStock will still be pretty happy, clearly iStock are trying to please their top contribs and no longer trying to maintain a huge base of contributors. It’s a good move for their business model, and a lot of photographers and illustrators moving out to the other agencies will help the market overrall, though it will certainly mean tougher competition for those of us who have previously submitted mainly to the non-iStock agencies.

  2. Danicek Says:

    You are wrong with the statement that the top tier is not hurt by this change. I would say that significant portion of diamond and even black diamond contributors reacted and all with *no exception* stated that it is impossible for them to keep their current %. It is possible that Yuri is.

    The only people saying that they can keep their current % are those with lower levels – I saw only couple silver ones to say they can keep up.

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  4. plrang Says:

    I’ll stay just so see how those changes will affect my sales at IS and then I’ll decide.

  5. Tony Says:

    Thanks for the great info. I’m a vector contributor for iStock and they are really sticking it to us. With the new deal we won’t even be getting as much per credit as photographers. The community seems frustrated and angry for the most part and we’re not getting much in the way of answers. I am kicking myself now for going exclusive with this company. Seems I put all my eggs in one basket and now the bottom is falling out. I’m looking into dropping my exclusive status and listing my 525 illustrations with other agencies but I’m dreading the amount of time that it will take!!

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