Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – Stock Photography over Time

I’ve added a very cool new feature to the picNiche rating system today. I’ve been waiting to add this one for months but didn’t have quite enough raw data to make it worthwhile until now.

It’s a little more complex than usual so I figured it would be useful to highlight the key points, and some very interesting bits of note here….

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13 Responses to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – Stock Photography over Time”

  1. Rahul Pathak Says:

    Awesome stuff Bob! Very cool use of historical data and great to see downloads and image counts overlaid. Kudos!

  2. Joe Says:

    Very nice, great work and thank you.

    Yes, maybe you got a little carried away, but nothing wrong with too much data. I would always prefer to have more info than I need, because once I get a little, I always want more.

  3. Luis Santos Says:

    Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes from shrek OST?? πŸ˜›

    • bobbigmac Says:

      lol, no idea if it was in Shrek (though that film did rock :), I was thinking more of David Bowie πŸ™‚

  4. Luis Santos Says:

    yeah that’s it! wonderful song!

  5. Steve Gibson Says:

    Wow! (I think???)

    Am I interpreting this correctly? in all but the easter graphs demand for images outgrows the number of new images – surely that’s too good to be true?, and only a few times a year (pre Easter upload) does the increase in images available match growing sales.

    Or is that just a feature of the graphs being normalised? otherwise it seems despite new image rates growing towards millions each few months growth in demand is still growing faster? and the picniche rating is, in general, on the way up for lots of subjects. (go on make me a graph of average rating against time across all your key phrases πŸ™‚

    marvelous if true, and it will be a sad day when the rank starts to drop year to year… too much microstock not enough buyers.

    – ziggy stardust (rating 156) was better I think, it all went a bit downhill in the 80’s

    • bobbigmac Says:

      You’re right… In generic topics the demand ‘does’ outstrip the supply by quite a significant amount, though I don’t think exactly the same applies to all topics, there are many where the increase is much smaller, and likewise many with an oversupply (though it’s good to see this has been tempered somewhat in severely overcrowded topics by selective editing/acceptances.

      There is a definite positive lean towards sales growth, but I think they strength demonstrated here is probably exaggerated a little by my own choice of relatively carefully managed topics πŸ™‚

      I’ve been trying to build an overview graph showing the rating across all queries, and my early results show a substantial rise in overrall rating over the last 12 months, but I’ve so far been unable to reliably factor in how much of this is a result of people who use picNiche getting better at choosing what they search for.

      I’m thinking I will have to do a ‘representative sample’ graph similar to how economists estimate the CPI (consumer price index). But at the moment I’m not certain my dataset is robust enough to be sure of the result. Some day though πŸ™‚

  6. DAN Says:

    This can only make the site better. What’s in store next?

  7. mystockphoto Says:

    Hey Bob…
    I’m a bit in late but I’d like to make my congraz, stunning work!
    Good steepness to all of you πŸ˜‰

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