Researching “What to shoot for stock?”

I spend quite a bit of time researching what to shoot for stock, although I’m busy at the moment mostly coding picNiche and other projects, I’m slowly increasing the amount of stock photography I produce.

One of the primary goals in building picNiche is to identify areas where there is currently a shortage of supply in microstock imagery, so I can focus on producing work to fill those gaps, increasing the ROI for my time….

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  1. Ellen Boughn Says:

    I wrote a series of blog posts (one a week) for two years for Dreamstime on what to shoot for stock. Although I no longer do so, all the blogs are available on line. I have written a book: Microstock Money Shots to be published in July by Amphoto (Random House). Look for it!

  2. plrang Says:

    Thanks as always, marked for further reading

  3. mkeser Says:

    While I do try to keep a list of general concepts ready, most of my shoots are on impulse. I haven’t been too good about having a detailed shot list prepared, but I am working on it. The shots get a lot better if I can be disciplined enough to think about wardrobe, positions, expressions, and variations in advance. (Sometimes I’m just happy to remember to run a brush through the kids hair and wash their face. Milk mustaches are tough to remove convincingly in photoshop!)

    More likely, I’ll get an idea, set up the whole scene without the model, and take some test shots to make sure everything is ready. then grab a kid, and head to the studio (a.k.a. the garage) for a 5-minute shoot. (Kids get bored quick…) Half the shots will be from my list, or off the top of my head, and the rest are just letting the kids do what they do in the scene I’ve prepared.

    Sometimes, I’ll tell the 5-year-old it’s her turn. She can wear whatever she wants, grab whatever props she wants, and just play. It’s really cool seeing what she comes up with sometimes, and we have a few pretty good sellers that were 100% her idea. Really the complete opposite of a planned shoot.


  4. Luis Santos Says:

    Really nice post with a lot of good articles, thanks!

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