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I’ve been hearing good things over the last few months from the owners of the blogs included in the picNiche toolbars RSS poller, people are seeing the new posts on their blogs quickly and getting involved in the conversation.

There are a lot of other fantastic microstock and photography business blogs I read regularly, but which I cannot add to the toolbar because they don’t fit it’s profile. I’d like to share some of these here for your reading pleasure:…

This post has moved to the new blog: http://blog.picNiche.com

Direct Link: Microstock Blogs… Blogs… and More Blogs

7 Responses to “Microstock Blogs… Blogs… and More Blogs”

  1. mystockphoto Says:

    Hi Bob,
    great and comprehensive list. I’ve checked with mine and I can say it’s quite the same. Just two blog more that I follow:

    http://twcdm.blogspot.com/ by Travis Manley: tips, tricks and tutorials all having to do with photography, Photoshop and getting into the stock photo industry

    http://brandelli.wordpress.com/ Brandelli di Fotografia by MilaCroft (it’s in Italian…)

    Take care,

    • bobbigmac Says:

      awesome, thought I was missing Travis’ site but couldn’t find the link in my favs, thanks 🙂

  2. plrang Says:

    Hi and thanks for fixing the blog feature (i like a lot) in PicNiche , and for including mine.
    Also seeing this post title ‘Blogs.. blogs..’ i was thinking that this article is about the boom in starting by people microstock activities. I started mine about 7 months ago don’t know too much about previous years but still have the analogy to real WallStreet STOCK market boom and it’s ‘end’;) thus hope it’s just by name.
    Greetings and waiting for some new features.

  3. Laurent Says:

    Thanks for including my blog, I will keep my stats up to date 🙂

  4. plrang Says:

    & some idea, maybe just add a secondary list with blogs not included now in the toolbar. You save a lot time with that tool and such secondary (RELATED) list would be again very useful. And of course thanks for this great list – a lot to watch!.

  5. Luis Santos Says:

    Hi Bob! Thanks for including my modest blog about microstock! 🙂

    As you know I love your bar!!

  6. Alex Says:

    Hi Bob,

    I’d love you to consider my blog – http://fstop57.blogspot.com/ – when you next review sites for inclusion.


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