Much Much Faster – Firefox 3.5 Released Today

Firefox 3.5 was released earlier today, though I’ve been using the Beta for a while it’s even faster now… Yay! 🙂

I highly recommend upgrading, I think you’ll see a massive difference in speed from the moment you start using it….

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4 Responses to “Much Much Faster – Firefox 3.5 Released Today”

  1. Maluson Says:

    Thanks for the info, I’ll try to upgrade to the new firefox and give my opinion about it.

  2. AUGUSTO Says:

    Cool!!! I’ll upgrade right now to see how it goes!!

  3. Todd Says:

    Wow, this is WAAAAY faster. Feels like I have a new computer 🙂 Awesome – and thanks for the updated version of the toolbar. Keep up the excellent work.

  4. Luis Santos Says:

    i will try it out right now!!


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